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Jose Canseco’s Finger Just Fell Off While Playing

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 18, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

A lot of stuff can happen during a poker tournament. You’re able to see the many ups and downs, and sometimes even the change in events, the trials, tribulations, excitement and joy throughout the table. You can see the players faces change as their cards are handed out, or stay stone cold throughout the entire game. There is a little something for everyone to see, notice and watch during the tournaments. However, Jose Canseco gave everyone a different type of show while he was playing during this poker tournament, one show you’ve probably not seen before.

His finger fell right off, right there on the table, during game play.

The Tournament, The Shock

No one was expecting this to happen, not even Jose himself. It was just something that not only made everyone gasp, but it got a chuckle or two. People watching probably didn’t know if this was a prop, a trick or something that was planned but Jose assured everyone that it just happened and he didn’t mean for it too.

He went on and Tweeted about the incident to let everyone know just what happened. He didn’t think the finger should have been attached again to begin with, but the doctors did so anyway and it came with consequences as he continue to go about normal everyday life until during the game, he just lost it. This is a bit funny, but it didn’t seem to funny to those watching or those that saw it happen. It was just one of those moments, something like this happens and then you have to sit back and laugh about it. Who would have known that something like this would have happened?

It was like laying down your hand of cards, and then whoops, there goes my finger with the cards, as well. He laughed it off, purchased the video someone shot of the finger falling off during game play and gets to watch it again and again, for even more laughs about the tournament.

Continue to check back often when it comes to the poker world and what is happening around us, you might even be able to get a laugh at what happens at the poker table – like Jose’s finger, for example.

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