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Poker Games Online

Just as the game of poker, that is its original version, was played in all four corners of the globe, so the online poker and its most popular variation texas holdem occupies the attention of poker players from all over the world. Even if the majority of online poker rooms accept players from just about any country and region there is, a good number of poker rooms offers special incentives and attractive offers for customers coming from one particular region or continent.

If you are one of the poker players who prefer gambling on the poker websites established in their region of residence, you will be glad to hear that Pokernet.com will give you a chance to find poker rooms by country, as this page will be featuring best US poker sites, best UK poker rooms, as well as top poker websites from Australia, Europe and Canada.

  • Best Texas Holdem Sites
    Texas Hold em is a game that has taken the world by storm, so it is hardly surprising that Texas holdem takes the centre stage at every single online poker room. This popular version of the game offers much more excitement than the original version, as a result of which times when five card poker was the real deal looks like a distant past. While online poker rooms also offer other variants of poker such as Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud, to name just a few, it is the possibility of playing Texas hold’em online that attracts huge number of players from all over the world to top online gambling venues. Here you can compare Texas Holdem poker sites, check our in-depth reviews and basically stay up to speed with the latest regarding the popular game. You can also find a selection of the best Texas Holdem poker sites on the web, with every aspect of their offer carefully reviewed.
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  • Best Stud Poker Sites
    Stud poker is similar to the more popular holdem poker. Stud poker rules are identical to holdem except that there are no community cards, there are no blind bets, there are five betting rounds, and your position gives you no advantage or disadvantage at the start of the game. Stud poker strategy is thus very different from holdem strategy. Don’t rush into a stud poker cash game thinking your holdem skills will work. Stud poker is popular enough that you can play stud poker online, and it isn’t too difficult to find a poker room offering cash stud games and even tournaments that use some form of stud as their main game. In terms of poker games’ popularity, stud is right up there with Texas holdem, though nothing captivates poker players quite like Texas holdem. Read below for a list of poker sites that offer stud poker.
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  • Best Draw Poker Sites
    Draw poker is the most commonly known poker variant in the world. Some form of draw poker is probably the first poker game that most poker players learned. You can play draw poker online, though it is becoming rarer as poker traffic condenses to a handful of sites and networks, and let’s face it; draw poker is just not a popular poker variant for poker gamblers. Poker games like 5-card draw poker and 7-card draw poker don’t offer the same intrigue as holdem games or stud games. Read below for a list of poker sites that offer draw poker in ring games or tournaments.
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  • Best Omaha Poker Sites
    Omaha poker’s official name is Omaha holdem, so it’s clear Omaha poker is really just a variation of Texas holdem poker. If you want to play Omaha poker online, you’re in luck. The list of poker sites that offer Omaha poker is extensive and includes the most popular poker rooms and poker networks featuring weak competition. Of all poker games, Texas holdem is easily the most popular, with Omaha being a close second. Read below for a list of top rated Omaha poker sites. Since Omaha poker is very close to Texas holdem poker in play style and origin, many of the top poker rooms in the world offer Omaha. Omaha is also a part of the popular tourney game HORSE. The best Omaha poker sites are poker rooms with a large population of poker players, not just any old poker room with a handful of Omaha cash games available.
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  • Best Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Sites
    Omaha hi-lo poker is a slightly modified version of Omaha poker, which is itself a variation of Texas holdem poker. Poker games like Omaha hi-lo were developed organically by poker players from the original poker variants like stud, holdem, and draw. Sometimes called Omaha High-Low, Omaha hi-lo poker is the most popular version of so called split pot games—any game with hi-lo or high low after its name is a split pot poker game. Split pots are what they sound like, pots that are divided up according to different rules, depending on the poker variant. You can play Omaha hi-lo poker online, though not at nearly as many sites as the more popular poker games like Texas holdem and straight Omaha holdem. Omaha hi-lo is a popular tournament game for online poker sites, but not as popular at cash games. Read below for a list of poker sites that offer Omaha hi lo poker.
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  • Best Razz Poker Sites
    Razz poker is really just another name for 7-card stud low. When you learn the Razz poker rules, you’ll realize that the game is not much different from stud. Razz poker strategy and learning how to play Razz poker is no different from learning the ins and outs of stud poker and simply playing for the lowest possible hand. Poker games like Razz exist because poker old-timers got bored of playing the same old game of Texas holdem and came up with some new rules. But each of these alternative poker games was invented for a reason. Razz exists to teach patience and to instruct holdem players how to steal antes. You can play Razz poker online, though not many poker rooms offer Razz regularly because it is not a popular game. Look below for a list of poker sites that offer Razz poker.
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Popular Poker Games

Texas Holdem

Even though Texas Holdem is believed to be a relatively new version of poker, that is not even remotely true as this variation was established at the start of the 20th century. It was originally called just Hold’em, but after a group of gamblers from Texas, including Doyle Brunson, made the game popular in Las Vegas, Texas Hold'em started its meteoric rise. The game caught up among us players after the big poker events started being broadcast on television, while players from other countries soon joined the party.

Online players can play holdem in cash games or all kinds of tournaments, choosing to play for fun or real money. Cash games are available in No Limit and Pot Limit versions, at different levels, whereas popular forms of tournaments include Sit and Gos, Double or Nothing tourneys, Satellites, Bounties and Freerolls.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is the second most popular variation of poker, with its rules very similar to holdem. However, here the player is dealt four cards instead of two, while he has to use exactly two cards plus three community cards to make the best possible hand. Omaha Poker has already caught on among us players, but international players have yet to show their interest in this variation of poker.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi Low is also available in online poker rooms and it is a bit more difficult to comprehend than its predecessor. In Hi Low version, a players makes a regular five-card high hand, choosing the best five cards (his two and three community cards, but he also makes another five-card low hand, consisting of cards from Ace to 8. The total pot is split in half between the winners of high and low hands. Omaha Hi Low is a very complicated game and as such it takes a lot of time to perfect, so we don’t recommend playing it for money until you have gained a full grasp of the rules and regulations.

Stud Poker

Another variation offered at top online gambling venues is Stud Poker, which basically involves a number of variants in which players are dealt a mix of face-down and face-up cards. Five card stud and seven card stud are usually available at online poker rooms, but Stud Poker comes in numerous other variants as well.

If you want to know more about the most famous variations of poker, then you are definitely in the right place, as this page will also feature top poker games for Mac, the ones popular among us players and many more. So, whether you prefer playing Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker or Stud Poker, make no mistake, this is where you need to be.