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Poker Rooms Listed by Country

Just as the game of poker, that is its original version, was played in all four corners of the globe, so the online poker and its most popular variation texas holdem occupies the attention of poker players from all over the world. Even if the majority of online poker rooms accept players from just about any country and region there is, a good number of poker rooms offers special incentives and attractive offers for customers coming from one particular region or continent.

If you are one of the poker players who prefer gambling on the poker websites established in their region of residence, you will be glad to hear that Pokernet.com will give you a chance to find poker rooms by country, as this page will be featuring best US poker sites, best UK poker rooms, as well as top poker websites from Australia, Europe and Canada.

  • USA Accepted Poker Sites
    Online gambling in the United States have always been surrounded by the air of controversy, with everyone debating whether US residents should be allowed to take part in internet gambling. Up until recently, the number of poker sites for us players was constantly increasing, but after the FBI decided to shut down some of the biggest us poker sites, poker enthusiasts from this part of the world found themselves in a real problem. Some of the best European poker websites took advantage of the situation and started to offer online poker for USA players, determined to build a solid player base in North America, so even the most experienced poker players from the United States need to check whether they can open gambling accounts at certain poker rooms. Rather than spending a lot of time checking all kinds of terms and conditions to see whether you are accepted at a particular gambling venue, you can simply check our US section and find out everything there is to know about top US poker rooms.
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  • UK Accepted Poker Sites
    Even if free online poker was available few years earlier, the first real money poker game took part at the very beginning of 1998 with the online version of the popular game growing in stature ever since. Poker players are now able to choose from a huge selection of different poker rooms, but UK poker rooms remain the most trusted gambling websites on the web. If a gambling website makes the list of best UK Poker Rooms Online, there is every chance that that particular poker room is among the best in the world. It is hardly surprising that UK poker sites are held in such high regard by the gambling community when we take into account strict gambling laws that are in place in the United Kingdom, which are only there to ensure each and every online poker player is guaranteed safe and secure gambling experience. It is, therefore, important to note that top websites that offer online poker for British players can be found right here on Pokernet.com.
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  • Europe Accepted Poker Sites
    As opposed to players from United States or Australia, who are forbidden from opening accounts at a number of online gambling venues, poker enthusiasts residing in Europe usually have no such problems. Due to the strict gambling laws in Turkey, France and Netherlands, residents of these countries may not be able to open their accounts at certain poker rooms, but all other European players can kick off their gambling campaign just about anywhere. Best European Poker Rooms Online include William Hill Poker, 32Red Poker and Betfair Poker, and these are reputed to offer the safest gaming experience on the web, but that doesn’t mean that you will not be in for an exciting action at the tables as well. With most of the European poker sites built on the platform of a very successful sports betting website, poker sites for European players don’t need a lot of time to become very trusted gambling venues.
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  • Canada Accepted Poker Sites
    Canada is widely known as one of the countries where gambling is deeply instilled in the culture, with more than two thirds of residents involved in some kind of gambling. According to the latest reports, just over 2% of population engages in internet gambling and most of them tend to play at the best Canadian Poker Rooms Online. Online gambling in this country has been increasing steadily since 2004, but the most important thing is that the number of those with a gambling problem is very low. There are currently not too many websites that offer online poker for Canada players, meaning that the Great White North residents could feel underprivileged within the gambling world. This is exactly why we will pay special attention to the poker sites for Canadian players, making sure that despite the unfavourable circumstances, Canadian players are always spoilt for choices on our website.
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  • Australia Accepted Poker Sites
    Even though the majority of online poker rooms have no restriction policies towards Australian residents, Aussies usually prefer gambling at websites that not only offer online poker for Aussie players but are also mainly oriented to this particular market. Australian poker rooms are places where Aussie poker players feel at home, and it is, therefore, not surprising that players from this part of the world tend to only play their favourite game at Australian poker sites. 888Poker is widely regarded as one of the best Australia Poker Rooms Online, and one of the best on the web for that matter, while Titan Poker is another reputable poker room that is often dubbed as one of the most entertaining poker sites for Australian players. Those two as well as other reputable Australian poker rooms will find their place on our website, and all you need to do is access the ‘Find Poker By’ menu on the right and choose Australia.
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List of Top Poker Sites by Country

Seeing that Texas Holdem poker is immensely popular in the United States, nobody was surprised to see major online poker rooms flooded with North American gamblers in recent years. However, after some of the best US poker sites were shut down in the event known as Black Friday, poker players from the United States saw their gambling options become severely limited. Even before the aforementioned incident, US players were not welcome at all major online gambling websites, but the situation is now much worse, seeing that we now only have a handful of reputable US friendly poker rooms. This was one of the main reasons why we decided to sort the poker sites by country, as we wanted to make the job easier for all US players out there.

Poker Sites for US, Canadian, European & Australian Players

Poker players coming from Canada have faced similar problems as there are not too many top online gambling venues that accept players from this part of the world, but that is no longer such a big problem, with all major Canadian poker rooms listed right here on Pokernet.com.

Australian and European poker players as the gambling laws in these parts of the world are well regulated and perfectly clear, so online poker rooms have no reason to prevent residents of Australia and European countries from playing poker at their websites. That, however, doesn’t mean that we will not advertise top gambling venues that offer online poker for European players, just as we won’t miss the opportunity to pick the best Australian poker site.

While US and Canadian players have no choice but to play their poker at best US poker sites and top Canadian poker rooms on the web respectively, European and Australian poker players have the courtesy of choosing from a huge number of gambling venues, some of which may not be directly targeting these two gambling markets. Even so, poker players from Europe tend to choose the gambling grounds that mainly offer online poker for European players, just as the Australian poker enthusiasts prefer playing their favourite game at what they believe is the best Australian poker site.

UK Poker Players Prefer UK Poker Rooms

The reason for this is relatively simple and it has virtually nothing to do with the general gaming experience or the selection of games and tournaments offered. The main reason why customers from the United Kingdom prefer playing poker at the best UK poker rooms rather than say Canadian poker rooms is that these gambling grounds offer the best selection of banking methods that are widely used in the UK, and as such they allow the players a number of quick and hassle-free deposit and withdrawal methods.

That may not sound like a valid reason to narrow down your gambling choices, but try playing poker at top Canadian poker rooms if you do not reside in this country and you will see what we mean. It is not by mistake that certain gambling venues are regarded as the best UK poker rooms and others as the best US poker sites, so all you need to do is to pick poker rooms by countries or states and your life will be a whole lot easier.