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Down to the Final Three at the WSOP Event

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 11, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for, the moment where there are only three left playing at the tables during the WSOP main event. You’re able to take part in history as it happens when you see just who is going to walk away with the large jackpot that they are all playing so fondly for. This is a big event that everyone watches from the start to the finish and one that so many people are rooting for their favorite players to make it through and actually win some of the rounds.

Currently, the table holds Jorryt van Hoof, Martin Jacobson and Felix Stephensen. All from European countries, all holding their spots tightly. Jorryt van Hoof is the one that originally started from the top and worked his way down the ladder to get this far and he is convinced that he is not going home without something. Holding the highest number of chips currently, he is the one that is taking names when it comes to playing this mean round of poker.

Even though it doesn’t matter the outcome so much, since each one of the three is going to go home with some cash, they are still battling to get the top spot and the record for the games. They want to make a name for themselves but van Hoof is not letting anyone near his chip amount and he is hoping to be the one that takes the grand prize away, although he says that any of them are able to do so. This is a close call and one that is going to provide them with additional information when it comes to the winding down at the very end.

We will let you know when the winner is announced, so you’re able to stay on top of the information and actually know who to root for. The champion will come out a winner, and the other men are still able to walk away with something. We will cover the story as it unfolds and make sure that you’re the first to know.

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