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  • Razz poker is really just another name for 7-card stud low. When you learn the Razz poker rules, you’ll realize that the game is not much different from stud. Razz poker strategy and learning how to play Razz poker is no different from learning the ins and outs of stud poker and simply playing for the lowest possible hand. Poker games like Razz exist because poker old-timers got bored of playing the same old game of Texas holdem and came up with some new rules. But each of these alternative poker games was invented for a reason. Razz exists to teach patience and to instruct holdem players how to steal antes. You can play Razz poker online, though not many poker rooms offer Razz regularly because it is not a popular game. Look below for a list of poker sites that offer Razz poker.

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    Razz Poker Games Online

    Razz is an ante game—in poker parlance, that means all Razz players are required to put in their ante before any cards are dealt. After the cards come out, Razz moves along just like 7-card stud with a couple of big differences. In Razz, the highest up-card on third street is required to make a forced bet. This best starts the real action of the game--in every round of play after this; the lowest hand showing makes the first move. If there are any ties for low or high hand showing, the first active player to the right of the dealer starts the round's action.

    Stud vs. Razz

    Another big difference between Razz and 7-card stud is if a player pairs the door card, there is no chance to make a double bet like with a standard game of stud. The lowest hand wins the pot at showdown. Aces count as low (lower than 2) and flushes and straights are ignored for scoring purposes.

    Where to Play Razz Online

    When you find a poker room offering Razz, you know you’ve found a top-quality poker playing environment. A commitment to a more obscure game like Razz usually means a poker room has enough traffic demanding this little-known game, and any poker room with high traffic has the possibility of being an extremely lucrative environment for poker sharks.

    Best Razz Poker Online

    A list of the best Razz poker sites and a list of the most popular poker rooms look nearly identical. The top rated Razz poker sites and networks offering Razz poker, in order from most popular to least popular, are: Aced.com, iPoker, and a couple of rooms on the Microgaming network. You’ll notice that this list is very similar to the list of the poker sites and networks with the heaviest traffic. It is hard for less popular poker rooms and networks to make money on Razz since so few people are looking for regular Razz play.

    Why do Poker Rooms Offer Razz?

    In some ways, including Razz poker in your game lineup is a point of pride for poker rooms and poker networks. Being able to offer viable Razz games means you’re drawing in enough traffic to profitably run tables and tournaments for a game that not many people outside the small world of poker know about. Also, Razz is a game of patience, a game Texas holdem players use to improve their poker skills. In general, Razz strategy teaches you to slow the game down if you hold good cards. That way the pot grows to a size that matches you hand value.

    Razz can teach you to be patient in other poker games as well as teach you to play a tighter hand. If you can learn to play a patient hand, you can win tons of cash playing online Razz.