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Best Omaha Poker Rooms

Omaha poker’s official name is Omaha holdem, so it’s clear Omaha poker is really just a variation of Texas holdem poker. If you want to play Omaha poker online, you’re in luck. The list of poker sites that offer Omaha poker is extensive and includes the most popular poker rooms and poker networks featuring weak competition. Of all poker games, Texas holdem is easily the most popular, with Omaha being a close second. Read below for a list of top rated Omaha poker sites. Since Omaha poker is very close to Texas holdem poker in play style and origin, many of the top poker rooms in the world offer Omaha. Omaha is also a part of the popular tourney game HORSE. The best Omaha poker sites are poker rooms with a large population of poker players, not just any old poker room with a handful of Omaha cash games available.

William Hill Poker Room Review
William Hill Poker
Outstanding Features
  • Large buy-in tournament satellites
  • Massive tournament schedule
  • Juicy, loose poker play
  • $16,000,000 in guaranteed tourneys
  • A Monthly Million tourney
Play at William Hill Poker with 100% Sign up Bonus up to £1250 1
Betfair Poker Room Review
Betfair Poker
Outstanding Features
  • Very reliable and secure poker room
  • Unique WSOP-related promotions
  • Betfair's parent company is publicly traded
  • Pro team is full of big-name players
  • Soft-play at lower limits
Play at Betfair Poker with 100% Sign up Bonus up to $2500 2
Titan Poker Room Review
Titan Poker
Outstanding Features
  • Most deposit & withdrawal options
  • Intelligently designed lobby
  • One of the softest play online
  • Live chat support available from the lobby
  • $16,000,000 guaranteed monthly
Play at Titan Poker with 200% Sign up Bonus up to $2000 3
Ladbrokes Poker Room Review
Ladbrokes Poker
Outstanding Features
  • Household name in gambling
  • Top-notch bonus program
  • Betting affiliation = soft competition
  • Software compatible with all platforms
  • Membership in Microgaming network
Play at Ladbrokes Poker with 100% Sign up Bonus up to £675 4
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Omaha Poker Games Online

Omaha Poker Tips

Omaha poker strategy is almost identical to Texas holdem strategy. If you know how to play Texas holdem, you’re probably a half decent Omaha poker player as well. Omaha poker rules read much like Texas holdem--in Omaha, each player gets dealt four cards face down into their hand. After a first round of betting, the dealer flops a total of three shared or community cards into the table’s center. This process happens twice again until there are five shared or community cards at the table’s center.

Texas Holdem vs. Omaha Holdem

At this point, it is clear where the difference between Texas and Omaha holdem shows up—if you’re playing Omaha, you must use exactly two cards from your hand and exactly three cards from the community set (out of a total of five community cards) to build a hand. The easiest way to remember this is that in Omaha, you can only use three community cards to build your winning hand. Texas holdem players unfamiliar with Omaha rules will look at a 4 5 6 7 showing in community cards and think that since they hold an 8, they hold a straight and will probably take the hand. But remember, in Omaha, you cannot use four cards from the community, turning a hand that would be a straight in Texas holdem into a pretty useless hand.

If you’re interested in learning Omaha strategy, start with this very simple rule—your best hands are double suited hands, then single suited hands, with unsuited hands being the worst possible starting cards in Omaha. That’s because the big winning hands in Omaha are high full houses, high straights, and suited or double suited flushes. These are the hands that win big pots in Omaha, so learn how to build these hands to learn how to win at Omaha.

Playing Omaha Online

Once you learn how to play Omaha poker, choose from one of these popular poker rooms and networks offering Omaha: PokerStars, PartyPoker, iPoker Network, 888Poker, Ongame Network, and most skins on the Microgaming Network as well. Why should you choose to play Omaha at these sites? Like other less popular poker variants, poker rooms may not have enough traffic interested in playing Omaha, but might offer the game anyway to diversify their poker game offerings. But if you join a site with low traffic that offers Omaha, you may never actually have a chance to play the game.

Playing Omaha poker at poker sites with high player traffic also means playing against weaker Omaha opponents. Since traffic is high, you’ll also be playing head to head with the best of the best in holdem. That way you can improve your holdem skills with both Texas and Omaha variants.