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Steve O’Dwyer Wins 2014 Asia Championship

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 4, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Out of the 52 entrants that came into the championships, 50 of them rebuying into the game – there was still only one winner that held his spot throughout the entire tournament and was able to walk away with the large pot of cash – Steve O’Dwyer.

Winning over $60,000 in cash, he had made headlines with the win and is thankful for it as well. He made the most out of what he was given and was able to walk away stating that he played hard, as well as the other players, and is happy with the outcome. He couldn’t have wished it any other way when it comes to putting his money down on a game that he absolutely loves.

He held his spot over a 2 to 1 chip lead with Ryan Fee, providing them both with the opportunity to actually get in the game and walk away with the winnings, but he ended up continuing to hold his spot, getting awesome cards, putting his skills to work and making the most of what they gave him – kicking Ryan out of the game and putting him right in the champion seat.

Of course, the championship pays out to the top players of the tournament, and not just the winner – so everyone that remained with Steve throughout the championship will also be able to get a bit out of the earnings, as well and go home happy.

Everyone said that Steve earned this win, it was a big win for him and since he played hard, he deserved to win. He was there, practicing and making the most of the event and was able to stay in it throughout the entire time. Not many people can say that they have this type of skill when it comes to the poker table.

We congratulate you Steve on your big win and wish you many more throughout the poker world. We only hope to see you and some of the other players back at it at the tables for the upcoming tournaments. We await your next big win and can’t wait to catch up with you and the other players!

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