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888Poker Introduces Their Brand-New Discord Server to the Community

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 8, 2022 | Posted In Poker News

The 888Poker has created their very own 888Poker Discord server for their poker community. You can finally socialize with your fellow 888poker players via chat, voice chats, and access many other exciting features. Those interested in joining can visit the 888poker website. That being said let us get into the details of this exciting news.

This is an excellent step in the right direction with the rising popularity of online casino gaming. This will allow this online community to come together in one place and socialize. Additionally, receiving updates will be a much more streamlined experience. 888poker patrons will also receive direct access to the StreamTeam, ambassadors, and many other special contacts.

What Are the Features of the 888Poker Discord Server?

Besides socializing, customers will also have access to all of 888poker’s content in one place. A notification system implements the use of pings. These pings will notify users about new live streams, tournaments, video publishing, and other upcoming events. Furthermore, players will be able to offer suggestions and be a part of any changes to the website. More importantly, new players will be able to receive pseudo-customer support from more experienced players.

There will be tons of channels and sections the user can review. Some of the most popular ones will include Announcements, Stream Schedules, the YouTube channel section, and more.

As for community interaction, there will be various polls in the Discord server for 888 to be able to communicate better with their audience. A neat event will be Focus Fridays where players will have a hand in new online content and poker strategy shows.

Overall, the 888poker Discord server is a great idea. It will not only make the community grow closer and support each other but will introduce innovative features that the website cannot offer. At the end of the day, it is quite exciting that you can reach your operators with just a casual Discord message.

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