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Canadian University Introduces Poker 101 Course into Curriculum

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 21, 2017 | Posted In Uncategorized

The Canada University is trying to become a pioneer in new curriculum courses and will offer “Probability and Games of Chance: Poker 101” to its students next semester at University of Ottawa.

So far, poker was looked at as a reason to leave college and now, the teachers decided to use it as an educational tool for the probability, game theory, math, psychology and history. So students better get ready to study this fun game and how to make an easy living the hard way.

This is not the first extravagant course that found its place into Canadian Universities.

The University of Ottawa has already spiced up its curriculum with the course “Witchcraft, Magic and Occult Traditions”, Dalhousie University offers a class on “The Art And Science of Hand Drumming” while the University of Victoria tries to attract students with a course about pop star Beyoncé.

Boring courses can definitely no longer be an excuse for students in Canada.

Poker is a game of luck only in the short run but in the long the skill and knowledge prevail. You need to learn how to calculate your odds, how to determine how often you should bluff and call possible bluffs, how to use general strategic principles to your advantage. This and much more will be taught in this new course, by playing, discussing and analysing games like Hold’em and Omaha as a conduit.

The accent in the course will be placed at expected value and variance.

Expected value is something that surpasses poker, gambling or betting and can be applied in everyday life when buying some tech product or choosing a retirement plan by simply identifying variables and comparing them. The variance exists everywhere and affects every aspect of our lives with our minimal control over it although we often think it’s bigger. Poker creates an understanding of differences in things based of probability and how much control is possible better that anything else.

With main themes like decision making, high-level strategic thinking, bargaining and negotiation strategies, game and probability theories, this course will be your secret weapon.

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