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Poker Strategy

Tournament Strategy for Short Handed No Limit Hold’em

Written By: Maya Michaels | March 8, 2016 | Posted In Poker Strategy

No Limit hold’em tournament poker is now very popular.  A buy-in amount that is pre set can ultimately bring you a very big return.  As you are playing and winning the tournaments it is like hitting it big on a multi-leg sports parley, and to be able to win the money you have to keep winning.   If you were to lose just one hand later in the tournament this could cripple as well as crush a player thus ultimately ending the players winning run.  It can be compared to a sports parley ticket of winning if you were to win the first five games on the ticket only to lose the sixth which ultimately ends your chance at the big payday.

As you are playing and moving through the various stages of a tournament game, you will at time be moved to another playing table.  At some point during the tournament you be playing at a table that only contains 7-8 players instead of 9 or 10 players.

As you continue to play through the tournament and you get down to two tables left you may end up with only 5, 6 or even 7 players per tables as players are eliminated from the tournament.

Your table is more than likely had a mixture of tight players, regular raisers, as well as loose players, crazy players and even the rude and obnoxious players.   Staying focus as well as adjusting your playing to these new players as well as paying close attention to the various sizes of chip stacks becomes the key as you advance throughout the tournament.

As you get to the stages of the tournament of playing at tables with fewer players, this is when you will want to make a major adjustment and pick up more chips.  If you have come to conclusion that your table is made up of mostly loose or even mostly tight players, a very solid rule to follow is to play in a style the is opposite to that of the players that are at the table.

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