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Poker Strategy

Tips for Playing Omaha Poker Online

Written By: PokerNet.com | November 28, 2011 | Posted In Poker Strategy

Omaha (also known as Omaha holdem) is very similar to Texas holdem, with a few crucial differences that make it a more difficult game in terms of strategy.

Beginners to online poker often choose to play holdem games at first because these games are popular, they teach good basic poker skills, and they don’t require too much investment in terms of learning complex poker strategy.

The biggest difference between Omaha and Texas holdem is that in Omaha you have four hole cards instead of two. Also, when you play Omaha, you are required to use two of your hole cards and three of the communal cards to form the best possible hand. In Texas holdem you can use any number of your hole cards, including absolutely none of them if you can form a top hand using just the community cards.

Loose and Passive Play in Omaha

Omaha is a popular game at online poker sites. Playing Omaha poker online requires a different set of skills than playing Omaha in the casino or in a friendly neighborhood game.

Let’s say you choose to play in low-stakes Omaha games online—that means that most of your competition will play a loose and passive game that can easily be overcome with strategy. Almost every player in low stakes Omaha games will think that having two pair is a good enough hand to win. That’s enough to convince them to buy into the pot.

These passive and loose players end up handing you their cash hand over fist. Take note that this strategy won’t work against better players at high stakes games, but is good to remember in all other games of Omaha holdem played online.

Patience is the key to winning when you play Omaha online. With just a little bit of patience, you can wait out all of your weak Omaha competition and rake in the easy cash. Just being more patient than your opponents and only playing out your biggest hands will vastly improve your chances of winning.

The trick is to fold your weaker hands and play what is usually called ABC poker. This simplistic style of poker is hard to beat, especially if you’re playing low stakes Omaha where your competition is made up mostly of impatient hotheads. The best strategy for winning in low-level Omaha games online is to draw out your weaker opponents with killer hole cards.

Good Pre-flop Hands in Omaha

A big mistake Texas holdem players make when they try to play Omaha is to try to figure out good pre-flop hands. This is a deadly mistake for your bankroll, because in Omahathere is no such thing as a “good” pre-flop hand.

Texas holdem players think that a two pair hand of aces and kings is a good pre-flop hand, but they don’t understand that this hand is very vulnerable in Omaha. Obviously, a straight or a flush would kill that hand, and straights and flushes are both really common hands for Omaha players.

ABC Poker & Omaha

The bottom line on online Omaha strategy—put your big money in after the flop on your best hands, especially if you’re chasing a high straight draw. That’s what poker players refer to as ABC poker. Why does ABC poker work so well in Omaha? Because nine times out of ten, a weaker opponent will follow suit and try to call you out.

Omaha holdem is more complex than Texas holdem, but that complexity actually rewards more conservative play. If you’re playing Omaha online, stick to a conservative ABC playing style.

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  • Thanks for the great tips. Just started playing Omaha poker. Got a bit tired of Texas Holdem and wanted to try something new.

    11-29-2011 2:57 pm
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