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Poker Strategy

Online Poker Strategy – 4 Golden Rules You Must Follow

Written By: PokerNet.com | December 19, 2011 | Posted In Poker Strategy

If there were a trick to winning money at online poker, everyone would be using it. The lack of a magic bullet for raking in the cash playing online poker doesn’t mean that you can’t take some steps to make your time at your favorite poker room more lucrative.

Here is a set of easy to remember dos and don’ts. Following this online poker strategy is the best way to get the most value for your bankroll.

1. Do understand the power of position.

Your table position is important in almost every poker game. Most poker players ignore their position and fight for way too many pots. There is a time for playing a weak hand, but it is at a very specific position at the table. Understanding your table position is the best way to beat the loose style of play you see online. Ideally, don’t play any hand without the best possible cards. But when you can’t help but get involved, only do so when your position puts you at an advantage.

2. Don’t play loose.

Since the majority of online poker is played loose and passive, your play in response should be tight and aggressive. That’s the easiest way to win money online. Tight play leads to more pots.

If you feel like you are going after way too many pots, you probably are. Don’t let the low stakes online games fool you into a false sense of bankroll security.

3. Do practice reading the flop.

Many people choose to play poker online because of the speed of the game. Slow poker is no fun, and the fast pace of online poker draws in tons of new players every year.

That’s why you have to practice reading the flop. Learn to look over a flop quickly and work out what the best possible hand is and who is closest to it. Online poker values players who can look at a flop and tell if there is a straight or flush potential. A good online poker player can read the flop quick, and do it at multiple tables at once. It requires practice.

One way to practice reading the flop online is to join a table and sit out the first couple of rounds. Do this every time you join a new game. Not only will this inspire patience in you, but it will help you read the flops at the pace of the game you’re playing and form your strategy. Not only will you be able to read the flop, but you’ll spend some time learning your opponents play styles as well.

4. Don’t ignore the note taking option.

Why do you think online poker games offer a note taking feature? If you don’t know where the “notes” feature is on your favorite online poker site or if you can’t find it, cash out and find a new place to play. Using the notes feature is the best way to make money playing poker online.

You could always take notes the old-fashioned way, with a notepad and a pencil, but if your chosen poker site has a built-in notes feature, there’s no reason to give yourself callouses. Remember that the notes feature in online poker is a one-click operation. It’s really easy to use and will improve your online poker play more than almost any other single piece of advice we have for you.

If you can follow these four basic dos and don’ts, you’ll find yourself winning more pots and enjoying your online poker playing time more. These four simple rules, properly applied, will turn your game around fast.

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