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Zynga Plus Poker Real Money App to be Released

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 9, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Zynga Plus Poker app is going to be released which allows the users to put down actual money. That is right, be able to bet on the poker tables with actual cash. Not only are they allowing you to play with real money, but they are updating the app to give you better graphics and sounds – for improved game play – whenever you would like it.

You’re able to play the poker on your mobile, tablet or even on the computer to provide you with a way to get the game play that you’re after, without having to worry about not being able to put down your actual cash and then win some actual cash back. Win everyone’s cash, since this is one of the parts of playing on the real money table.

Many people didn’t think that Zynga would bring their games this far. This is because they are popular for making games for social media sites. These sites do not require the user to pay to play but if extras are wanted in the game then cash for coins should be purchased. Now they are saying that you can play a poker game on their app and be able to cash in if you choose to win.

Your Thoughts

So what do you think about their pay to play games, along with their real cash poker tables? Do you think this is something worth it when it comes to having Zynga monetize their poker tables? Should it be deemed as a casino if they are going to be offering real cash poker games? A lot of people think so, but it is a way to make the gambling legal without having to worry about the consequences depending on the state that you live in – plus, the large sums of money that you win are tax deductible.

Cash in on the benefits that come with the Zynga real money app and be able to make more off of the games that you’re playing. It should be hitting the sites soon, so keep an eye out for it!

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