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Yahoo! Shutting Down Texas Hold Em Game

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 2, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Yahoo! is going to be shutting down their Texas Hold Em game to the people that come in and play it. This is unexpected for some that enjoy going through the game and the motions, but this is expected after Yahoo! has had some trouble with their connected, the browser and other gaming issues. They feel that this is something that would be easier to do then having to revamp the entire gaming section of the website.

This Comes as a Big Hit

So many people that have played this game and loved it will now have to find somewhere else to go and play. This is a big problem when there are many laws that prevent some people from going into certain online casinos and being able to put their money down. They want to make sure that they are able to move forward with a site that provides them with everything that they need, and more.

This decision was one that was not made in haste. It definitely took some talking and thinking over to finalize the choice that the site is going to be making. They know that many people are going to be upset over it, but they cannot possibly keep the site running when there are little players and many problems. It is not going to provide profits for the company, and if anything – it is providing a much bigger headache than they signed up for. This seems to be a problem for the website and for those players that love playing there.

As for now, the section of the website is still up and running but it is also something that is going to be shutting down with time. They will be making the announcement to all of the registered players ahead of time, so you know when to expect the close.

As for now, we will continue to follow the story of Yahoo! shutting down. We will keep you updated for time to come, and be able to give you additional information as it is needed. Check back to PokerNet often to find out more regarding this story and many others.

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