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WPT Re-signs CEO Adam Pliska on a Four-Year Deal

Written By: Maya Michaels | February 28, 2018 | Posted In Poker News

The World Poker Tour (WPT) announced that the current CEO Adam Pliska has extended his contract with the company for four more years.

The news of Presidential and CEO contract extensions are very rare but Pliska is a special case. He is an artist with very special skills and that’s why WPT have put this announcement front and centre this week.

Adam Pliska has been leading WPT Enterprises Inc., the creator of WPT and a subsidiary of Ourgame International Holdings, since 2009 and is responsible for its unprecedented growth and expansion. He is honored to have the opportunity to lead such great company and hopes to continue to build successful strategies and lead WPT forward.

Pliska has been with the company since 2003 as General Counsel member but became CEO in 2009.

At the time, poker tournaments were on a decline and it seemed like WPT and even World Series of Poker broadcast were in trouble but Pliska managed to restore growth to WPT and the industry as a whole.

He delivered significant partnership deals, expanded the company’s footprint and fostered budding relationships with other gaming sites worldwide. Adam is responsible for the entire WPT portfolio, including live events, televised broadcast, international distribution, online services and strategic partnerships.

WPT expanded from 14 to 70 tournaments and has presence in 150 countries on five continents and therefore connects more than 100 million viewers worldwide through its online and television broadcast.

He will keep this expansion his top priority in the next four years as he already mentioned last April before the WPT Tournament of Champions, saying the WPT “aimed for multi-pronged global growth”. The recent ground-breaking events held in China, Japan and India attest to it.

Pliska believes the best times are yet to come and that this is only the start of unlocking the full potential of WPT.

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