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World’s Top Bot vs Poker Players: Who Wins?

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 12, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

The computer may not be as smart as they hoped.

The world is a growing place full of technology that is smart and able to be made to do anything. It is no wonder we haven’t developed the right robot that is able to cook, clean and take care of other things so we can sit back and let them do their job. While this is something that many people are hoping for in the  near future, what they have developed is a robot that is able to play poker, and play it well. It was put to the test against actually professional poker players to see how it would stack up compared to their tactics and plays.

The Outcome

The poker players actually had a tough time, but they were able to win over the machine. This was a long awaited journey and the developers of the bot were kind of concerned, hoping that the machine would blow the players out of the water, but this was not true. They played a two week event of game after game with the computer, having different outcomes and seeing how the computer was able to read their moves and their faces. While the players won over the computer, it gave the developers an idea of what might need to be done to tweak the computer and change the outcome.

Choosing to move forward with the machine is essential, but when it comes to the future of poker, the machine might not be ready for the brains and plays that human players have to provide. This might be an easy game to beat if it was placed in a casino too, making the casino hand out winnings more than not, making them broke in the end. This wouldn’t be good.

So now, the developers have some work to do when it comes to making this computer stand out and be able to beat, read and tackle down even the toughest of poker players out there. The professionals had the computer this time, but will they have it next time when they take on the challenge to play against the computer again.

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