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University Allowed a Poker Night, Including Guns

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 24, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

With so much talk about the violence that the world is currently seeing, and living; it is no wonder that this story is at the top of all poker headlines and the story is much deeper than you would expect from first glance. When the poker tournament stated that they would be giving away guns during the event, many students were worried about this. Due to the rise in gun violence, no one felt safer knowing that other students had access to these guns. No one felt that the students even needed the guns, especially not on campus.

While the age old saying goes that knowledge is key, it is true for guns but as students, you do not know the student next to you, what is going through their mind or what exactly they would do with that gun. Least of all, if they know how to use it in the safe, and proper manner and not how some of the violence plays out across the world with the guns others use.

So What Happened?

While the campus was okay with letting this happen, and it did. It still gave way to some uproars around campus for the person or people that won the rounds of poker that they were playing. This is something that so many now are speaking about, and wondering who is going to come to school with a gun next and what might happen when it does go down. Who are we going to turn too? What are we going to do and why is the world not a safe place to live in anymore?

Blindly handing out guns to people, students, that might not know the proper safety precautions or take the necessary measures to ensure that they are mentally stable to own a gun is not ideal, and the campus directors have been notified to ensure that this is something that does not happen again. Poker, yes. Guns, not anymore.

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