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TLC88.com signs a deal with Bodog Poker Network

Written By: Maya Michaels | October 16, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

TLC88.com, an Asia-facing community-based online gaming domain has publicised an agreement with the Bodog Poker Network that will see it add poker to its present casino and sportsbetting offering.

TLC88.com mentioned that the inclusion of poker will offer ‘a unique sense of fun and community’ to its current offering in way that ‘few other sites have managed to achieve’.

Chief Executive Officer for TLC88.com, Nick Lee mentioned that “In Asia, offline gambling is viewed very much as an engaging social pursuit and the success of TLC88.com has been to bring that sense of sharing and fun to the Internet,”

“The other important factor is trust and this is something we have built with the gaming community over the ten years we have been in business.

“Poker is in its infancy in Asia but, unlike most Western-focused games, lends itself well to the concepts of sharing and community that are so familiar to Asian gamblers. The Bodog Poker Network is different from other poker rooms and works better for players who are new to the game, which is what many of our customers will be.”

Chief Executive Officer for the Bodog Poker Network, Jonas Odman stated “We always felt the best place for the Bodog Poker Network was Asia as we are confident our product is the fairest place to play online poker, which especially appealing to those who are looking to learn the game and have fun while doing so,”

“TLC88.com has cleverly built a great brand in the Asia market and we hope we can help it to continue that success for a long time.”

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