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Those Old, Odd Poker Habits

Written By: Maya Michaels | February 25, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Everyone wishes to have the chance at winning big in poker.  Most people jokingly beg the casino gods for the opportunity to have chips rain down upon them.  Some gamblers even bring tokens, or lucky mementos, but others go to the extremes.  The most dedicated of casino goers tend to rely on rather bizarre superstitions to rake in the elusive cash.


While some of these strange behaviors may seem odd to the occasional table player, it is more commonplace for plenty of dedicated gamblers.  Certain casino goers will carry trinkets protect their cards from going down the tubes.  Their belief is that the good luck charms will ward against low cards, and attract the suit they need.  Of course, this is all silly superstition that has no technical merit, just softens the blow against rivaling players.  While some rely solely on physical trinkets, other players simply have methods that work for them.  One player believes that certain card hands are unlucky, and tries to avoid playing them for money.  Though these techniques may seem a little out there, they are timid compared to many others.  One really bizarre superstition details a man licking his fingers before each card hand is dealt.

Interesting Rituals

Some dedicated players will avoid sitting down at the poker table until they feel they are in prime condition.  This includes having a full 8 hours of rested nightly sleep, a good breakfast and a healthy morning run.  They feel that when their body functions at its best, so does their mind.  This makes them more prone to winning poker games, and raking in the dough.

While these rituals and superstitious habits cannot be scientifically proven, they do hold a tiny thread of merit.  Poker is a psychological game, and our biggest ally is our-self.  Try to keep your mind active, and stay as close to the facts as you can.  Let’s not get too crazy, reality is always important.  If you have the ability to make yourself believe you are going to win, and truly believe in yourself, you just might win.

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