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Things Heat Up Between Daniel Negreanu And Phil Hellmuth Before Their Match

Written By: Maya Michaels | March 11, 2021 | Posted In Poker News

Ahead of the heads-up match with Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu took to Twitter and threw some insults his opponent’s way. 

Hellmuth has long proclaimed that he’s the best poker player in the world. However,

there are some who don’t quite agree. And one of those people is Negreanu who started a Twitter feud started, calling his opponent nothing more than a “decent” low to mid-stakes player.

“I took a deeper dive into @phil_hellmuth tourney record. For a guy who thinks he can beat $25k and higher buy in events against the worlds best players, the record doesn’t show any such thing. 

The numbers:

2017 $100k One Drop 10th for $312k

2016 $300k SHRB 4th for $1.6 million 

2015 $100k One Drop 6th for $696k

2012 $1 mill One Drop 4th for $2.6 million

That’s it. 

No WPT wins in 20 years 

Not a single top 3 in a high stakes tourney

Not a single cash in the modern era of high stakes tourneys. Not one. 

Phil is decent in low and mid stakes tournaments, but on the major league high roller circuit, he cannot win. 

He may have been a GOAT of his era, but that era is long gone.”

The ‘Poker Brat’ responded with the following:

“Well @RealKidPoker, I truly believe that you are one of the “Great ones” in the poker world. As far as my record: I will keep my head down and work hard to achieve my goal of winning 24 @WSOP Tourneys and 3 @WPT tourns. When I am no longer around, my record will speak for itself.”

The official date of the match hasn’t been set yet, but it will air on the show ‘High Stakes Duel’. Both Hellmuth and Negreanu have agreed to play. Previously, Hellmuth criticized his fellow Poker Hall of Famer’s play on the new PokerGo show, ‘No Gamble No Future’. It was after Negreanu lost $1.2 million to Polk over 25,000 hands of $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em on WSOP.com.

The event, unlike Polk vs. Negreanu, won’t take place on the internet. Instead, it will be played at the PokerGo Studio in Las Vegas.

Hellmuth competed on the show last year against Antonio Esfandiari where he won three matches for a $350,000 profit.

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