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The Winner of the EPT High Roller Event is William Kassouf

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 20, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

William Kassouf a controversial British Poker Player earned a total of $532,500 as well as a place in Pokers History after making a deal in a Heads up game.

The center of attention was William Kassouf for much of the 2016 World Series of Poker within the main event.  As the very talkative poker player’s playfulness generated plenty of controversy as each and every new episode was aired.  William Kassouf has found himself in the spot light once again, but this time it is due to being the title winner in a historic as well as immense event.

William struck a deal heads up in order to take down the final €10,300 high roller in European Poker Tour history.  With the purpose of locking down that honor William Kassouf, who was at this time a 4-to-1 chip shortcoming to Patrick Serda who is from Canada, offered a deal that ended in Patrick Serda taking home a total of €719,000 while on the other hand William Kassouf earned the title, the well-earned trophy as well as the winners photo, and let’s not forget about the €532,500 payday. The disbursements would have initially been a total of €485,600 to the runner up and a total of €765,900 to the champion if a deal was not made between the two players.

Here is the final payouts as well as POY points that were awarded within this event:

First Place was player William Kassouf with a total winning of $554,120.00 and 1800 POY points.

Second Place was player Patrick Serda with a total winning of $748,191.00 and 1200 POY points.

Third Place was player Tue Ullerup Hansen with a total winning of $365,251.00 and 900 POY points.

Fourth Place was player Viliyan Petleshkov with a total winning of $295,374.00 and 900 POY points.

Fifth Place was player Paul Leckey with a total winning of $233,719.00 and 750 POY points.

Sixth Place was player Grzegorz Wyraz with a total winning of $179,930.00 and 600 POY points.

Seventh Place was player Matas Cimbolas with a total winning of $133,925.00 and 450 POY points.

Eighth Place was player Jens Lakemeier with a total winning of $96,953.00 and 300 POY points.

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