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The Poker Extravaganza is Swarmed

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 26, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Out in Vegas, there are many poker fanatics swarming the area for the poker extravaganza that is going on. If you thought that poker couldn’t get anymore exciting, then think again. When it comes to this event, so many pros and non-pros alike will come and go, but many are able to take away some of the best tips and tricks that are out there, while bringing a bit of the game with them. It is one of those events where you want to spend some time there, learning and soaking up all the stuff, information and vendors.

What it is All About

The event is named Colossus, one of the biggest known poker tournaments with 63 different games, and a million dollar prize pool. It allows everyone to buy in with the lowest amount possible, just a few hundred dollars and see how far they can make it. With such a big pool, with over 10,000 players that show up each year, someone is bound to walk away with the cash that they put in and some. The top poker shark is going to be getting $600,000 as a grand prize.

If you think you have what it takes, there are really no qualifications. You just have to buy in to play during the rounds and try to make it through all of them to be the top shark of the many that are going to be playing. With many tables set up and then taken down with time, many of the players are not going to make it but many will. The tables will get smaller and smaller as the weekend winds down, so we can all see who is going to walk away with the grand prize.

Some come to spectate, since a lot of the pros will show up and try their luck at the tables, but many come to see how far they can get with their own skills, to see if they have what it takes to be a pro at the top table games that are played throughout the world.

If you think you’re interested in this type of event, make sure to check it out. It is happening in Las Vegas on Wednesday and happening for the rest of the week!

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