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The Opening of the World Poker Tour in Borgata

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 16, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Many people flock here and there to see the World Poker Tour’s that go just about everywhere. If you’re one of the many that follow along, then make sure to know who is in the lead!

The tour kicked off this past Sunday with 400 entrants made their way to the tables for the first day of action packed poker. There were eight total levels of play for each to go trhough, just 172 of them advanced to the next day ahead. Ben Bianco made his name known as being the first with 389,000 in his favor during the first day alone.

Some of those that are right behind Ben are Andrew Atkinson with 234,900, bracelet winner Allyn Jaffrey Shulman with 231,200 and then the defending champ that mostly everyone at the tables know – Anthony Zinno with 146,900. These men are holding their spots and are hoping to ride them out the whole way through, although we have seen many people go through good until the very end when they seem to have lost it all and more during the games.

The Chip Leader

Bianco won the pot sitting there of over 200,000 to make him the chip leader using a 648 big blind stack. No one seen this coming, and it was definitely an exciting win by him and those that were watching and cheering him on.

Matt Glantz was a player that did not do so well when it came to day one. He had preflop after preflop which resulted in the other players getting 55,050 from him – leaving him much lower than he has to be in order to get to the higher levels. Glantz needed to run the cards in order to win the entire pot, which would put him at the top of the list of being able to win and advance to the next day. He did survive, but just barely – sending hundreds of other players packing.

The players that didn’t make it on day 1a have another chance to enter and try their luck again on day 1b, but that is up to them and what exactly they want to do.

Keep checking back at Pokernet to find out who comes in first!

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