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The Grand Prix Poker Tour Glasgow Winner Drew Kirkland

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 18, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

The winner Drew Kirkland turned his initial $109.00 into $41,000.00 in the 2016 Party Poker Grand Prix Poker Tour Glasgow Main Event.

The Party Poker Grand Prix Poker Tour was held in Glasgow this past weekend, at the Scottish National Stadium Hampden Park.  This is where the latest leg of it players saw a $250,000.00 guaranteed Main Event.  The first place winner of this huge event was Drew Kirkland winning the prize of $41,000.00.

The Final Table Results are as follows:

First Place went to player Drew Kirkland winning a total of $41,000.00

Second Place went to player Jonathan Gray winning a total of $25,000.00

Third Place went to player Ryan Pearson winning a total of $16,130.00

Fourth Place went to player Lauris Kulins winning a total of $12,250.00

Fifth Place went to player Paul McTaggart Kirkland winning a total of $9,250.00

Sixth Place went to player Mark Armstrong winning a total of $7,000.00

Seventh Place went to player Chris Bartlett winning a total of $5,500.00

Eighth Place went to player Anthony Gray winning a total of $4,000.00

Ninth Place went to player John Burns winning a total of $3,000.00

There were a total of 190 players that made it to Day 2 which took place on May 15, each which were in the money and locked up $330.00, which included a $109.00 ticket to a GPPT stop in the future.  A short eight hours after the action started on Day 2, the final table that guaranteed a payout that increased to $3,000 which held nine hands was set.

The first to drop was John Burns, committing his stack with the Ace of Hearts and a Queen of Diamonds, as he was somewhat unlucky as he ran into the dominating Ace of Spades and King of Clubs of Drew Kirkland’s. Anthony Gray was the next to drop after a battle of raggedy card with Paul McTaggart.

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