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The DNA Must be Lying in This Case

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 27, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

In the case dealing with the commander in the Navy, he states that the DNA evidence that was found at the scene, on the chips, at the table is not enough evidence to prove that he was the one that marked the chips. He was at the table during the time, so he could have touched the chips at any point during the night, which means many other people could have left their DNA on the chips, as well.

What Does This Mean

This means that if convicted he could lose a lot more than the rights to enter the casino ever again, he could lose his spot in the Navy. This could be a big problem since he would be unhonorably discharged. This is something that no one wants on their record. In addition to both of these things, he would also be facing a jail sentence and fines requiring him to pay back what the casino lost, in addition to the money that he ‘supposedly’ won.

When it comes down to it though, there is still some evidence that needs to be looked over. They are going to continue to gather the evidence and then have a trial when it comes to finding out whether or not he is guilty. This is something that is going to be updated with time, since they have to hold the trial and go through everything to find out if he is guilty of the crime, or not. If not – they have to find the person that is responsible for doing this. This is who they have to then put on trial since they need to make sure to watch the videos and then go from there.

As of now, we have to keep updating our information in order to find out more about this problem, and then continue to update you as more information comes available. Keep checking back often to find out more regarding this case and what new information is out for it. Take the time to find out more, and keep up on the case since the whole world is now wondering what happened, who did it and is this commander really responsible for the chip.

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