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Royal Flush Was Hit in Poker Tournament

Written By: Maya Michaels | August 25, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

When it comes to the poker tournaments that are out there, so many people want to get into them and make it to the top when it comes down to it. However, how many people actually get to the top? How many people actually get some sort of cash out of it? This is something that doesn’t happen to often, and currently there is a winner of the game. The winner is Neymar Jr. who won the whole game on one Royal Flush that sunk it all. This is one of the biggest wins out there, and one that makes a difference when it comes to it.

The Winnings 

So where do you normally see him winning the game? Soccer, of course. He has shown the world that not only is he good at the game, but he is good at playing the cards on the green, as well. Bluffing might be his strong suit, but winning the whole game on a royal flush and making it that far, to the final table, really shows us that luck is definitely on his side when it comes to the earnings that he was able to bring home after the big win.

So what about what happens next? He definitely showed us all the skill that he has, and with that comes the ability to do so right online. He didn’t even go to a televised event that was shown in person. He won these whole earnings and even everything else through the Internet. This is one of the biggest things that he has done off the field that he is actually amazed at himself for doing so. One of the biggest and best wins comes from the ability to try hard and actually succeed at what he did.

So what now? Now we watch to see what is going on with the tournaments that are upcoming that we can watch – whether they are online or on site in televised events.

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