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Rick Solomon Dodging Those Tax Bills for his Poker Winnings

Written By: Maya Michaels | March 17, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Last year along, Rick Solomon brought in $40 million in cash from one tournament at the poker table. Just one, and this cash was never claimed when it came to taxes. While this is just one poker tournament, we know that he was in a few more when it comes to putting his cash down on the table and actually walking away with someone. Being as he has been in other ones, the country is now wondering just how much of his poker tournament winnings he has claimed in the past years that he has been going to these poker tournament tours?

How They Found Out

The country found out that this money was something that was not claimed on taxes after he filed an annulment with Pamela Anderson. While he did this to protect his earnings, so she cannot claim half of them are hers, she wants to go through with a regular divorce so she can be entitled to these earnings that he is bringing in. However, these earnings were never recorded on the tax paperwork so what do they do about this cash now?

While this might be a good thing for Pam, it also shows that Rick was putting down that his state that he lives in is Nevada, where they do not have to pay income taxes for the earnings that they make. While this might be something that is hard to do or claim, Pam is saying that they actually live in Malibu, California where the state taxes are 13%, which is what he should be paying on his tax bills. This is something that the government will have to look into, especially since the divorce is going to go through and someone has to come out with the money, or they can both agree to split it.

This is not the first time that a poker player has tried to dodge taxes by stating they are somewhere else, or just not putting them down at all. However, each one was found out later on and had to pay the income taxes that they owed, as well as a penalty payment due to failure to provide this information accurately and correctly on their state income tax paperwork.

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