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Professional Poker Players Mistake wins him Pokers Top Prize

Written By: Maya Michaels | June 17, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Winning in one of the 68 events in the World Series of Poker placed at Las Vegas, Nevada, and receiving one of the coveted gold bracelets is a dream for many professional poker players. These players’ sign up for the game they wish to play, but one player inadvertently signed to play a game he never played. He believed he was signed up for playing no-limit “Texas Hold’em”, but instead it was “no-limit, deuce-to-seven draw lowball”. Buy-in cost him $1500.
Christian Pham, a professional poker player from St. Paul, Minnesota did not realize he was signed up to play the incorrect game until instead of two cards, he was dealt five. When he was done panicking, other players were helpful and explained what cards beat what, and observed how to game was played.
The dealer at Pham’s final table, Shawn Harris stated, “It’s a totally different game. Different mindset. Different strategies.”
The goal of this game is to having the poker hand that is the lowest. Players do not was any flushes or straights, and if they get a pair, twos are the ones they want. There is an option of drawing cards, for the players.
This game is one out of 68, that give a chance of winning the prize of a golden bracelet taking place at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas. This is where the World Series of Poker’s 51 days, that began on May 27th is taking place. All these events lead to a Main Event, which is watched closely.
Another player who was sitting next to Pham, realized it was no act he never played this card game when Pham won with a hand considered best in the game. This hand consisted of a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Pham seemed genuinely confused, that the hand he was holding was one of the most wanted card combinations.
Pham stated he studied on the night between, and other players guiding him helped, but his tournament acumen of betting and chip managing, got him the win.
He held the gold bracelet up, and was richer by $81,314 for photos.

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