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Possible Australian online poker regulation underway

Written By: PokerNet.com | May 28, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

The current US Market of online poker is dwindling after the government crackdown over online poker rooms and placing tightened restrictions and bans, resulting in many US players feeling neglect. Despite the unease over online poker reform in the United States, it seems that Online Poker could find its ways to Australian shores with the commonwealth more likely to come to a conclusion on the regulation of online poker as opposed to the federal constitutional republic.

Andrew Twaits, an online sports betting operator in Australia and perhaps one of the largest has attempted to push the Australian government further to regulation within the online poker industry. It is predicted that the introduction of regulated online poker to Australia would see citizens being able to play safe, protected and regulated games within the online poker industry which would be an important asset to the government.

The promise of protection from legal problems would also be a strong influence, where Australia would be protected from issues that arose in similar cases in the US to other online poker sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Many Australian poker players are under the belief that the catastrophe in the United States should be met with understanding in order to learn from the mistakes and improve on them. The general consensus shows that Australians believe the creation of proper online poker laws will prevent the industry from collapsing and leving unsuspecting poker players as an externality.

Speaking with regards to the issue, Twaits said, “While it is pleasing to see both the federal and state governments taking the integrity of betting in sports seriously and on a united front, the present legislation is clearly not working when it comes to online poker.”

Twaits also agrees that the Australian government must maintain control over its online poker industry in a better more secured manner. He said, “Online sports betting in this country turns over $300 million a year, is highly regulated, and we pay our taxes, while operators of online poker sites are not, many of which are controlled and run offshore. That’s the real challenge facing not just the federal and state governments of this country, but governments across the globe.”

Current Twaits is conducting business with the top sportsbooks in Australia such as Sportsbet, Centrebet and also Sportingbet in an effort to eliminate the problems of match fixing, as well as enforce and protect the integrity and continued life force of the sports betting industry in the country.

Twaits feels the Australian poker industry could also benefit from industry regulation revenue. He said, “It is estimated that the turnover in this and other forms of illegal betting is $125 billion worldwide. That’s why as an industry we welcome any tightening of the present legislation in this country of the Victorian Integrated Gambling Act. The sooner the rest of the states and territories fall into line the better it will be for everyone.”

US Online poker players are hoping that the federal government follows the Australian government.

Source: Tight Poker

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