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PokerStars Entry Into Vegas Might Be Difficult

Written By: PokerNet.com | August 3, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

A recent report from CardPlayer.com has recently revealed that PokerStars will be facing issues regarding credibility and they will have to face this should they want to obtain a license to operate an online poker site in the state of Nevada.

This gives truth to the saying that certainly, there is no good deed that goes around unpunished. PokerStars has recently agreed to pay back Full Tilt Poker customers within theUSand overseas. The deal was arranged and overseen by the US Justice Department.

The DOJ indicated that PokerStars will be permitted in the US market should a legislation be passed with regards to online poker. At present, Nevada has been the only state that had passed their own legislation that allowed real money games within the state.

William Horne, sponsor o f Nevada’s online gambling bill, believed that PokerStars have the potential of attracting state regulators. However, with the DOJ actions and Isai Scheinberg, PokerStars founder, still being at large, it will be difficult to convince regulators that they deserve the license.

Horne has the confidence in Nevada’s game regulators and that they will treat each company seeking for online poker license fairly. The DOJ has asserted their signal that PokerStars could arrange a partnership with one of Nevada’s casino to obtain a web gaming license.



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