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PokerStars Deals Its 200 Billionth Hand

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 16, 2019 | Posted In Poker News

The world’s largest poker company, PokerStars, has recently made a historic achievement by dealing its 200 billionth hand.

PokerStars has been around for 18 years, and dealing 200 billion hands is an incredible achievement. It would take 31 years to count to this number, and the site managed to reach it under two decades.

The 100 billionth hand milestone happened in 2013, just 12 years after PokerStars went live.

Now, another six years after that, PokerStars has exceeded 200 billion hands dealt. If the company continues in this fashion, we’ll see PokerStars’ 300 billionth hand by 2022.

Séverin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovations and Operations at The Star Group commented: “Two billion is truly a stellar figure. It’s almost inconceivable. We’ve been looking forward to hitting this milestone for a long time and it has been our privilege to put on weeks of celebrations to give back to every PokerStars player that has made this happen.

Everyone here at Stars is very excited about this out of this world achievement. I’d like to congratulate you all. We can’t wait to celebrate the next milestone!”

The results of the celebration that accompanied PokerStar’ 200 Billion Poker Hands is more than $2 million worth of promotions given back to the online poker community. More than 6 million spins were awarded over the course of the celebrations.

All of the players involved in the hand were awarded generous prizes. Six players were dealt into the hand at an 8c/16c No Limit Hold’em cash game. All of them received a $10 000 cash prize.

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