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Poker Stars Introduces Zoom Poker

Written By: PokerNet.com | March 22, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

The world of online poker has some big names in the industry but none come any bigger than the illustrious PokerStars, who recently has announced that they will be introducing a new feature known as Zoom Poker. The new table game that has been unveiled introduces a similar style of game to that of Rush Poker, where once your action in a hand is finished, you are taken away and transported to a new online poker table against a whole new set of players, ensuring a different and varied experience every time you play.

Poker Stars has also been playing up the introduction of the game with mentions of the game to give members an idea of how the new format will be implemented. “The format is as simple as it is fast. You can play up to four tables of poker at a time. As soon as you fold a hand on one table, you are taken to another table for a new hand. With three different animation options and a chance to hang around and see how the hand plays out after your departure, Zoom Poker is the answer to anyone who hates to wait.”

One of the main driving points behind the introduction of the Rush Poker variant is the reintroduction back to the gambling and online poker community. Rush Poker was originally only available on Full Tilt Poker, but only for a short while due to the shutdown of the site and the freezing of numerous members accounts.

Zoom Poker not only revives the lost Rush Poker but also adds new features, such as the ability to sit out the next big blind or next hand.

Members of popular poker form PocketFives have had the chance to test the beta of the new Zoom Poker game and given their opinions on how it plays.

One member commented, “So much fun. I’m glad they brought it in.” Another member of PocketFives gave a review: “I like it. Played for 10 minutes and doubled up. I could get into this. Also like their new layouts, animations, etc. They are obviously paying some decent designers now.”

Currently the beta of Zoom Poker is only available at micr0-stakes for No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. There are also player pool caps at around a couple thousand players. As a result, the ability to have four tables open is available, and this number may evolve to 6 with the near future release of the final game.

“Rush MTTs were without a doubt the best thing Full Tilt contributed to the poker industry… PokerStars not copying this would be dumb and I’m surprised it took this long.”Stated one member of the PocketFives forum.

Zoom Poker Tournaments have been discussed by fans and have hinted at opportunity for Poker Stars to implement, though Poker Stars is yet to confirm or deny any progression or creation of tournaments.

Source: Poker Software

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