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Poker Run for the Flying Women’s Club

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 24, 2014 | Posted In Poker News


The Flying Women’s Club is organizing a poker run that involves airplanes, rather than cards – but is a lot like the traditional game that you would play at the table in a casino. This is the 22nd annual time that they have done this run – and as many women out there that love planes, they are able to put their poker skills to the test, as well if they want to win that large jackpot at the end.
The flyers have to fly to six different airports, or just a few of them to pick up their playing cards for the game. At the end of the flight, each goes to the French Valley Airport to show their cards and place them down. Those that have the best poker hand at the end of the flight is the won that wins the jackpot.
They each are excited about the opportunity to take part in such an exciting event that they take place in it each and every year that it happens. This is a way to promote aviation and poker playing in women. They accept all entrants, no matter where they are from – and they are non-profit so those gifts that are coming in are from those that have donated to the event.
This is one way to raise awareness, but also to put on one exhilirating poker tournament. Many of the women speak about it for time to come, until the next year that it is around. Spectators also come in from neighboring cities to watch the gals in flight or meet them when they land at the end destination to see who won the prizes, the jackpot.
They are experienced aviators that have trained for some years, and each rides in their own planes to each of the checkpoints. Of course, if they have a killer hand towards the beginning of the game – some fly in to put their cards on the table right away before they lose some of their other cards.
This is one of the most talked about events of the year for the area, have you ever heard about it before?

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