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Poker Revenue in Nevada in the Month of June is best Since Year of 2009

Written By: Maya Michaels | August 9, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

Nevada Casinos Rake in $16,137,000.00 during the month of June 2016.

Nevada’s poker rooms have raked in a whopping $16,137,000.00 during the month of June 2016, according to the latest figures that have been released this week by the Silver State gaming regulators.  This amazing amount came from a total of 65 poker rooms as well as 763 live tables that are statewide.

This was an increase of 1.88 percent year over year, which was compared to the $15,840,000.00 from June of 2015.  The annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) runs during the whole month of June, which makes June the largest cash month for these cash games within Nevada poker rooms.  This amount was the most revenue that has ever been taken in within the month of June since the year of 209, when it held a total of $16,222,000.00 in rake.  The all time best ever rake was in the month of June in the year of 2007 when thr revenue hit $17,661,000.00.

The Las Vegas strip area within Nevada had a total revenue of $12,931,000.00 this past June, this was up just under a 3 percent year over year.  This particular area held 21 poker rooms as well as 423 tables.  June’s Las Vegas strip rake was more than double of the rake that was in May.

Nevada’s poker revenue also included online play, but the state does not actually separate the totals and release those figures to the public due to the fact that there are not enough operators.

Nevada’s poker rooms raked in just over $118,000,000.00 in the year of 2015, which was a 1.57 percent decrease compared to the revenue of the year of 2014 which was $119.9 million dollars.  In the year of 2013 poker revenue was at $123.9 million dollars.

This makes the all time high for Poker revenue within Nevada to be in the year of 2007 which was at $168 million dollars.

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