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Poker News

Poker Piling in the Money

Written By: Maya Michaels | July 28, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Poker has become a phenomenon over the last decade. The addition of Poker on many television outlets has been a major part in the growing popularity of the card game. The growing number of entries into major poker tournaments is evident of that fact. The numbers continue to grow and casinos across the world especially in Nevada have capitalized. The revenue numbers are drastic and reports seem to only indicate even more potential growth that will accumulate over the next few years. The growing popularity has major business men looking to make investments in the gambling industries.

In June of this year, Nevada Poker alone generated an astounding $15,840,000 in revenue which is a 4% increase from the previous year. These numbers were released by Nevada State gaming commission and its regulators. This number indicates that the growth of the game has helped tremendously. With less poker tables open they still out gained their 2014 numbers which means that more cash is being spent and won at the tables more than ever. Poker has generated a substantial amount of money this year and continues to be a draw for casinos in Vegas and throughout the state. Big poker tournaments draw major crowds that expand all age groups and people generally spend and win thousands of dollars in the time frame that they are in the tournament.

The revenue was counted from the 70 open poker rooms that exist $10,320,000 revenue was generated in May which was another increase from the previous year. The overall poker revenue is mind boggling and has seen significant growth month by month. The summer months providing the highest revenues on the calendar year so far. The gaming commission expect the trends to continue in the fall seasons when people usually travel to Nevada in big numbers.

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