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Poker Game Played by Seniors’ Social Club Shut Down Illegal Gambling

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 2, 2017 | Posted In Poker News

A social poker playing game that was being played by about a few dozen seniors within Richmond, B.C. was shut down for unlawful gambling by the city.

The group of seniors that aged from 55 years old to 95 years old have been playing the card game Texas Hold’em at the Minoru Place Seniors’ Centre for over 10 years.  The group of seniors would play for tiny stakes, each chip was worth $.10, and due to this, the group was informed that they would not be able to play their card game anymore because they were playing for real money.  They were also informed that their gathering was in violation of the provincial gambling regulations.

This card game that took place n the afternoon was a very important activity to many of the members that played.  For these members, it was a way that they could be social as well as keeping their minds active.  Although they have been informed that the poker playing would be still allowed as long as there was no exchange of real money, many of the members believe that the game that was being played held more interest when there was real money at stake. 

The members do have an alternative option if they want to continue playing for a small amount of cash, they could move the card game to a private home.  But, moving the game to a private home would not supply enough room for the 40 or more members that enjoy gathering in order to socialize. 

The seniors will, unfortunately, have to find a different activity in order to exercise their minds as well as to socialize.  The director of communications for the City of Richmond stated that the provincial gaming authorities made it very clear that this type of gambling activity was illegal.

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