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Poker Film Documentary ‘Bet Raise Fold’ To Hit Our Screens In June

Written By: Maya Michaels | April 9, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Poker has always been a popular game in pubs and clubs and it is a game that is played by all different kinds of individuals all over the world. There are large tournaments taking place right now in Australia and America for instance, tournaments that have six figure sums available to the winners, but the serious money is to be found online as many people continue to make an extremely healthy living from playing online poker.

The World Series of Poker Main Event is the one game everyone would love to win given the chance, but such is the size of that particular tournament many people choose to stay away from it and play poker online at home. A new film documentary entitled ‘Bet Raise Fold’ is set to be released this coming June and the film shows how popular online poker was and still is, despite its decline since Black Friday some two years ago now.

Jason Rosenkrantz and Taylor Caby, who themselves are professional poker players, are the brains trust behind the film, a film that follows three poker players, Danielle Moon-Andersen, Tony Dunst and Martin Bradstreet, playing and making a living from online poker.

Since Black Friday in April 2011 poker, especially online poker, has received a fair amount of bad press, some of it may have been justified while some of it was certainly not. That is something that Rosenkrantz and Caby were desperate to try and avoid and it is something that Rosenkrantz was quick to point out. He said, “We’re extremely proud of this movie and grateful we have an opportunity to tell the story of online poker the right way. It’s an incredible story and we think we’ve done it the justice it deserves. We hope you guys do too.”

You will not have long to wait as Bet Raise Fold will be on our screens in June. If you get the chance to watch it you should do so, as it shows the game of online poker in a totally different light to the way it has been portrayed in recent years.

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