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Poker-Face? Spade Your Opponent with This New Technique

Written By: Maya Michaels | February 17, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Wearing a Mask

Regardless of your experience level in gambling, at one time or another everyone has heard the popular term: Poker-Face.  No, I am not referencing the popular Lady Gaga song, rather a technique used to disguise your true poker hand.  While there are no sure fire ways to tell if someone is manipulating you, there are techniques that may prove to be very useful in increasing your winnings.

Poker is a game that can be won by luck, or lies.  Confidence is often key in this high stakes sport.  Many hands have been won by simply persuading your opponent, having them believe that your hand is better than theirs.  Someone with a shoddy hand could cause their foe to fold by simply maintaining a blank face.

Recent Study

An intelligent team from the University of Melbourne wanted to test the mechanics behind poker faces.  A research conducted in Melbourne, Australia regarding poker stance has developed interesting ideas.

They introduced a set of 30 cards to willing participants, study members were asked to read the cards as they normally would.  The team of esteemed members observed the individuals facial features.  Their findings will leave you questioning your team-mates from here on out.


After research was concluded, the team calculated the data and came up with an interesting conclusion.

They suggest that a player’s hand is revealed by one truthful feature on their face- their eyes.  Look into your opponents eyes and figure out whether their ante is warranted.  Sound too good to be true?  The study concluded that when a poker player is glancing at a high numbered card, their eyes shift upward into the right.  When an opponents eyes shift downward and to the left, they are carrying lower suits.

So, if you are an extremely perceptive poker player, you may benefit by staring into the eyes of your opponent.  Poker is all about risks, intelligent dares designed to increase your profit.  Depending on the direction he moves his eyes, you just might be able to call his bluff and win the pot.  Lay down the chips, and try something new!

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