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Play Against Broadway Stars

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 6, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

For the first ever poker night hosted by the Roundabout Theater Company, Broadway stars are now being able to put their chips and call it when the time comes. Never have to worry about not being able to be the poker star. Many of these Broadway stars are excited to show their poker faces, and see just how good of actors and actresses they can really be.

The poker tournament is going to be held May 11 in the American Airlines Penthouse Lobby, so if you think you have what it takes to bring the cash, and play against some of the best poker faced players, then they want to make sure that they see you show up!

They want to let people have a great time, so they kept the ticket prices lower and the pay ins lower so more people are able to come out and have a great time. Food and drinks will be served, and there will a lot of chances to meet with your favorites off the big stage, since they are going to be mingling with the crowd. They are not keeping it private either, so anyone is able to purchase tickets, mingle and play the games that they have going on.

They have seen parties like this held before, and were a part of it and they thought it would be a great event for their theater company to hold. They are hoping it will be a great success, like the others they have been too in the past. Who wouldn’t want to have some great food and conversation with some big stars off the stage, as well as a little poker fun. You might be able to win your ticket cash back, who knows?

In order to fund their theater program, the group has to raise around $16 million each year to keep up with performances and actors. This all comes from contributions. With this in mind, these events are meant to help this program flourish and not have to scrape by for the years to come. While many of their performances are paid for through tickets, they still need to make sure they have enough for everything else used.

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