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Phil Ivey Stated He Didn’t Cheat for the $22M

Written By: Maya Michaels | October 8, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Phil Ivey, the one that so many people have been talking about states that he did not cheat to win the cash prize of $22M during the poker tournament. He states that he was trying to better his odds during the game, to find the weaknesses throughout the poker table and then use them to his advantage – that is his job when he is playing against all of the players that are there. By using this information to his knowledge, it is not cheating, it is how the game is played.

There is also a lot of suing going on around the table. Ivey is suing the casino, and players that lost their money are suing Ivey. Everyone believes that Ivey did not win how he should have, and that if he didn’t they might have been able to keep their earnings and win the jackpot.

However, Ivey is saying that a lot of people did not pay out, including the casino. The casino had him play and they had terms and conditions that were supposed to be followed through on and they were not. He is saying that so many people think that he was cheating, while some of the players he was against state that he wasn’t, so many people watching did.

Moving On 

With this being said, he went on to also make sure that everyone knew his reputation in gambling meant a lot to him and he wouldn’t throw it away due to cheating on something like this. This was a big tournament, he used his tactics and skills to find everyone’s weak spot – like you do in poker – and was able to take home the jackpot.

It should be as simple as this, but it is not and so many people are complaining and not paying out according to the win. This is why he felt the need to clear his name and the cheating accusations because of how everyone feels about the situation. He wants to make sure that his name is not dragged around as a cheater in the game that he has built a reputation in and a game that he has worked hard to perfect throughout the years.

He has had his wins, and he has had his losses and this one – is the biggest, and now there is a problem when other people have won the same amount or more and there was no problem – even when the winner was able to find the weaknesses in the other players.

As time will tell, we will update you on the suing that happens and what exactly unfolds when it comes to the poker game and who is paying out for who at the poker tournament table.

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