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Phil Ivey is Not Looking So Good Anymore

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 23, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Once a phenomenal winner at the poker games he would sit at, he is on a constant downward spiral, losing many of the previous winnings, but still hanging in there thinking that he is going to go back up in the earnings, and perhaps make it to the top once again. His hope are high strung though, because many poker followers are not feeling the same vibe that he is.


The Downward Spiral 

Even though throughout the poker Internet world, he seemed unstoppable. He made millions off of the games that he would sit down at, and play the hand. Now it seems that this year, he has lost his touch at many of the poker tournaments that he has gone too. To be exact, he has lost around $3.7 million dollars in just one year of poker tournaments alone. While this might seem like nothing, because he did have a great winning streak, many of the players do not touch that high of an amount when they are losing, because then they have winning streaks where they get it all and some back.



This does not seem to be the case with Phil Ivey.



He currently sits at winning around $23 million between all of the hands that he’s played at the tables, which is a lot but when you’re losing a lot of the games currently, then you cannot keep throwing in all of the money that you’ve won throughout the years. He might end up losing it all if he continues to do that. He has to go back and brush up on his poker skills again, so he can then make more of a game out of the hand he is dealt.



We are keeping a close eye on him, and wondering if he is going to pop back up to the top spots at the table, but for right now, it is not looking good for this all time poker player that couldn’t imagine doing anything else with his spare time. He should go out there and practice a bit before sitting back down, because it seems like his head is not in the game and his thoughts are not cleared.

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