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PartyPoker Launches Its Revamped Online Poker App

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 27, 2019 | Posted In Poker News

One of the world’s major poker sites PartyPoker, has launched its new mobile app.

Actually, they have updated it and added lots of exciting features that now it feels like a brand new app. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Poker mobile apps are great since they allow poker players to play on the move, wherever and whenever they please. What’s even better than is when they are available in portrait mode, a layout which is really popular with mobile gamers.

PartyPoker is aware of this and though portrait mode isn’t something that is often included in apps dedicated to online poker, PartyPoker has made it a feature in their app. Now their users will be able to enjoy playing their favorite poker games using only one hand.

What is more, portrait mode at PartyPoker’s app still allows players to multi-table and they can play in up to four tables at once.

In addition to this PartyPoker has added richer graphics, animations and sounds, and overall creating more immersive experience. Moreover, social gaming aspect has been added to their mobile gameplay.

The newly relaunched mobile app features fun social elements. Players are given plenty of new ways to interact with one another; there’s bubble chat and Emojis’ All-in animations emojis which they can throw at their opponents.

PartyPoker also introduced a new social currency – Diamonds which players can earn whenever they play a hand in the app and they can be later spent on in-game actions. Another interesting feature is the “rabbit hunting”. This feature shows the unrevealed cards that would have been dealt and players can find out whether or not they made a good fold.

There are plenty of other exciting elements that we haven’t mentioned here, but you can see for yourself. The new app is available for download to both iOS and Android operating system, supporting both phones and tablets.

So far, the response from players has been positive and we are all looking forward to seeing new updates from PartyPoker, and interesting additions to the app.

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