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Online Poker Legislation Now A Top Priority

Written By: PokerNet.com | July 23, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

Online poker legislation is already “on the front burner” on the federal level according to Nevada Senator Dean Heller. This was confirmed following reports of a draft made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl.

Heller named Minority Leader Mitch Connell fromKentuckyand leadership deputies Senator John Cornyn and Senator Roy Blunt as some of the colleagues and leadership he has talked to about the law. His aim was to make sure that these people had the idea of what law they were to trying to push.

At a national level, there has been no law that has been passed to permit online poker throught the U.S. States likeNevadahowever have legalized online poker within their borders. But this does not permit the activity to involve real money play outside the borders of the state. They can only do so if a federal legislation is passed.

Steve Tetreault of Las Vegas Review Journal said that a bill with such magnitude and controversy surrounding it could not pass as a stand-alone measure especially with the opposition like casino competitors and conservatives. One of their noted opponents is Sheldon Adelson. He happens to a big time Republican political donor and a casino magnate at the same time. Adelson claims that he opposes the legalization of poker throughout theU.S.on moral grounds.

Heller said that Adelson does have an opinion and that is taken to consideration by those in favor of the bill. They need to work with these opposing statements and around it so they could come out with a desirable outcome. Heller wants everyone to have an opinion and a voice for or against the law.



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