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Online Poker In Delaware Gets Off To A Quiet But Successful Start

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 12, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Legal online poker has returned to America this year with both Nevada and New Jersey already experiencing some decent results since their inceptions in April and November respectively. The Eastern state of Delaware also introduced legal online poker during November, but because the state is one of the smallest in America, in both area and population they have gone virtually unnoticed, but according to reports officials from the state are more than happy with the early results.

Vernon Kirk is the Director of the State Lottery in Delaware and he had this to say earlier this week when he was questioned about how the launch of online poker had gone down in his state. He said, “It’s been going very well. It seems encouraging, especially the ability to continually and steadily add new registrants and new depositors every day.”

When asked about the numbers that had already signed up Mr Kirk said, “They’re not New Jersey-esque, but we’re operating with a different player base.”

It is has been reported that 2,800 people have so far signed up and registered an online gaming account in the state, considerably less then both Nevada and New Jersey, but when you consider that Nevada has three times as many citizens as Delaware, and New Jersey has almost nine times as many inhabitants as Delaware the early signs are very encouraging indeed.

Delaware has just three landed based casinos, all of which double up as online gaming operators in conjunction with 888 Holdings, with each having their own specific brand. There have been issues with payments as you would expect, but Mr Kirk is confident that the initial teething problems have all been ironed out as he finished off by saying, “We got together with our technology partners and Verizon and got that issue squared away. I don’t think there are IP issues at the moment.”

So all in all it has been a quiet if unspectacular start for Delaware in the world on online poker, but everyone has to start somewhere, and as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” was it!

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