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Online Biggest One Day Poker Winner Announced Plans for Retirement

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 6, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

Brian Hastings who is very well known for being the man who won 4 million dollars in just one session is now thinking about moving his talents from the poker table to opening a small business.

Hastings has a total of 3 WSOP bracelets that he has won as well as millions of dollars in earnings between his tournament winnings and his cash winning games, but now he is looking to extremely scale back on his online poker playing.

This amazing 28 year old does not relish being engrossed in the poker game like he used to in the early beginning of his playing career, but this is not the only reason why he is stepping down.  Brian also is stepping down in order to put more focus into his newly opened tea company.

Brian plans to open the doors to his very first location within the next year.  Hastings is the player who won a poker game while playing against Viktor Blom for a total winning of 4 million dollars and set the record for the largest amount that was won during a single online poker game.  After accomplishing this just a few years ago, Hastings has decided to move forward from the lifestyle that is known as a high roller on to building a very different lifestyle as a business man for himself. 

Of course, Brian Hasting poker playing career has not been without debate.  The use of numbers on the Blom’s play as well as online poker playing while within the United States regardless of the constraints that were placed on it were among just a few of the concerns that the poker community had a problem with, But yet there are still many poker fans that in fact still support Brian as a person as well as a poker player.

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