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New Jersey Paves the Way for Online Poker

Written By: PokerNet.com | January 9, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

On January 6th, 2012, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has publically stated that he approves of online gambling and poker and hopes to see it legalized in the Garden State. However, whilst he has made his views on this clear, it is not enforceable at this moment and will have to wait until legislation in the next session.

“Folks should know I favor it [online gaming legislation], I want to do it,” Governor Chris Christie stated. “I do not want to rush and get legislation that either doesn’t pass state constitutional muster, or creates other problems for us.”

The issue of online gambling in the US has slowly been making ground and it seems that more states are starting to warm to the idea of the internet sites getting a slice of the high roller action. Nevada has already begun accepting applications from online poker site operators, as well as other states such as Iowa and California who are considering their options and measures for introducing operators. The main issue that is currently being investigated is the regulations that would be set in place as a result of introducing these businesses and eventually passing a bill within the next legislative session, with what seems to be a race for some states to be the first to legalize online poker.

“While I remain hopeful that New Jersey can take the lead on this exciting new direction for wagering – which would result in new revenues, new jobs, and new economic activity in the Garden State – I recognize that the complex issues surrounding internet wagering will take more time to iron out than we are afforded in the waning days of the current legislative session,” Sen. Raymond Lesniak (from D-Union) admitted, who has been trying to ensure that this legislation is able to keep up with Nevada’s progress on integrating online poker regulations. The main fear is brought about from sports betting, which saw Nevada state climb forward and gain a significant jump on the others in what has been seen as a revolutionary industry within gambling.

“I’ve agreed to reintroduce Internet gaming in the next legislative session, and I expect that we can get it through the Legislature and signed by the Governor within the first few weeks of the new session,” Lesniak also stated with reference to his hopes on the progress of online poker being legalized.

The bill that has been proposed has already had much support and approval by the state Legislature since 2011but it was halted momentarily by Christie, as there were many concerns that introducing it too soon would have negative ramifications with the states constitution limiting on all gaming to Atlantic City. Modifications have however been made so that the website services may only emanate from Atlantic City and the U.S. Department of Justice’s memorandum  clarifying the 1961 Wire Act as applicable to only sports betting has helped sway the Governor’s opinion on the matter.

“I vetoed the last bill because I felt that it would open up the opportunity for there to be internet gambling houses all over the State of New Jersey,” Christie said. “I don’t think that’s what anybody wants. I think being able to have this be an Atlantic City-centric thing is something that makes sense to me. And given the Justice Department’s go ahead for people to be able to do it, I think we should go ahead and move on it. But, we have to do it in a responsible way.”

[Source: Poker News Report]

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