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Nevada Gaming Commission Grant Final Approaval To Ultimate Poker After Successful Three Month Trial

Written By: Maya Michaels | July 30, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Three months ago Ultimate Poker was launched in Nevada and the first legal hands of poker were dealt some two years and 15 days after the events of Black Friday. It is now 91 days since those first legal hands of poker were dealt and Ultimate Poker have now gained the final approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission to operate a full and legitimate poker site.

Ultimate Poker is owned by Station Casinos and over the course of the weekend figures were released from the three month trial, though no financial details have yet been released to the public. Over 9.1million hands of legitimate poker have been played since 30th April and more than 100,000 poker tournaments have been played out in that time as well.

Chris Derossi is the Chief Technology Officer at Ultimate Gaming and he had this to say regarding the successful three month trial. He said, “The technology has worked. We are able to offer a safe and secure online poker experience for the first time in America.”

The three month trial period has not been without its problems, with a small minority of gamers claiming the poker was not as sophisticated as the illegal games of the past. Derossi was quick to dispel those fears and said, “The Ultimate Poker product is continued to be enhanced, along with the company’s customer service efforts.”

So Nevada is the first state in America to offer legal poker to anyone within the state boundaries. Gamers can play on desktops and laptops from the comfort of their own homes, or they can play on mobile devices of any kind as long as they are situated inside the boundary line. It will be interesting to see the financial figures for the three month trial period and as soon as they are made available to the public we will of course bring you news on those figures too. Congratulations to everyone involved and let’s hope that more American states follow Nevada and allow legal poker sooner rather than later.

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