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Mike Sexton is the winner of the WPT Tile for a total of $425,980.00

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 22, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

Mike Sexton has finally completed one of the things that were missing from his long poker career. Within the very early hours of Friday morning while playing in the Playground Poker Club.  Mike conquered his final opponent out of 648 poker players in order to claim his very first WPT Title.

This was his third time playing the WPT, which finally paid off with a total winning of $425,980 as well as winning the Playground Poker Club Championship belt, a set of 24K gold Monster Headphones, an awesome Hublot watch, and let us not forget his name will forever be etched on that WPT Champions Cup.

For a total of 15 years, Mike Sexton has been the voice as well as the face for the WPT.  Very few have actually done more than Sexton for the poker game.  In the year of 2009 he was actually inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.  Mike Sexton was the favorite as he entered into play on Thursday as he was the leader in chips within the final six poker players.

Jake Schwartz was also another poker player that was trying to win himself another WPT appearance at the final table.  Very shortly after he was stung by player Benny Chen, he made his move on an unopened pot within the small blind and ran head first into Nadir Lalji’s ace over king.  Jake tabled a jack over nine and after that he just did not have enough to improve, as he fell into 6th place for a total of $81,740.00.

The final table results were as follows:

First place went to Mike Sexton for a total winning of $425,980.00. 

Second place went to Benny Chen for a total winning of $286,110.00. 

Third place went to Nadir Lalji for a total winning of $183,320.00. 

Fourth place went to Ilan Boujenah for a total winning of $132,750.00.

Fifth place went to Ema Zajmovic for a total winning of $102,010.00. 

Sixth place went to Jake Schwartz for a total winning of $81,740.00. 

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