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Lock Poker Left Reeling As Third Pro Jumps Ship Amid Payout Troubles

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 28, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Over the past couple of weeks two professional poker players have left the ranks at Lock Poker amid their payout troubles. Today we can bring you news that another pro has left as well, all of which has left Lock Poker reeling as they continue to catch up with the payout requests from their legion of customers.

Chris Moorman and Paul Volpe were the first two players to up sticks earlier this month and now they have been followed by Brett Jungblutt. In a statement Jungblutt wrote, “After much thought and due diligence over the past few weeks, I have come to conclusion that it is time for me to no longer represent Lock. This was not an easy decision, having been with Lock for over 3 and 1/2 years, but one that I feel must be made at this point. Since Lock is currently unable to provide adequate customer service or reliable payouts to the USA, and since current conditions may remain that way indefinitely, I just no longer feel it is responsible for me to represent the site.”

Did Jungblutt jump ship a little early, because over the course of the weekend Lock have started to catch up with their backlog of payouts. Jennifer Larson is the CEO at Lock Poker and she had the following to say about the cash issues. She said, “The E-comm team works constantly to find new, reputable payment processors to provide secure, fast options to our players. Our number one priority right now is reducing payout times over the next few weeks.”

Lock Poker may have started to catch up with their payouts, but it didn’t come quick enough for the likes of Chris Moorman, Paul Volpe and Brett Jungblutt. It remains to be seen if any other players decide to leave in the coming weeks, but right now the future does not look that great for all those concerned at Lock Poker. Good showings from their remaining pros at this years WSOP will help people see Lock in a better light, but with so many players expected to descend on Las Vegas in the coming weeks those pros will have to perform out of their skins just to get noticed.

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