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Live, Live, and Go for the Pot!

Written By: Maya Michaels | July 8, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Poker has been around since the early 1800’s and many a men and women alike have taken to it very seriously, so much so, that they have won many tournaments and make a living off of their skills with a deck of cards. That and perhaps a deal with lady luck.
Video Poker was introduced in the mid 70’s, but it wasn’t until 1979 that Draw Poker was released to the public and found in most if not all casinos and played on a TV like monitor.
There are many variables to what once was a simple sit around the table with friends and or strangers to bet the farm away, or win it back. There’s a history to this challenging game and I found it very interesting to say the least.
Instead of me giving you a history lesson on how poker was started and what the first games were called, (Teen Patti- originated in India) and (Brag- originated in England.) I want to go over a guide of sorts instead.
So, lets go with live gaming. One where you actually have to sit at a table with others and place your money on the table with each hand. It can be a little scary to start. However, there are rules one must go by before you delve in. There’s a way of doing things when you want to play live poker. First things first. You have to get your name on a waiting list. I know, life is full of waiting lists but it’s worth it. Once your name is there, all you have to do is wait. That’s to your advantage in all reality.
Watch the players, see how they do what they do, when they do, see if you can read their poker faces. Try to learn the rules of the table you’ll be playing at. And remember, sitting at one of those poker tables is no different than sitting in the basement of your best friends house and playing a few rounds, cutting it up, and maybe having a drink or two. So, don’t be nervous. Own the game.
Remember to get your chips. If the table you want to play at only accepts those instead of cash, you’ll want to be prepared to begin to play once your name is called. They won’t wait on you to run to the cashier cage to buy in, there are way too many other people waiting behind you. It can be a wait. I’ve heard of people waiting an hour or more to sit at a table, so before you go, eat, Don’t get drunk. Remember, you’re playing for live money here, so keep your wits about you.
Finally, you hear your name. A common phrase used at poker tables is: “Lock it up.” That simply means that you want that chair. Don’t be shy, speak up and make sure you’re heard. Don’t let that chair get away. You get to sit down at a table and try your luck at winning the pots.
One of the first things the dealer will ask you is if you would like to “post.” That simply means you’re going in blind and putting money on the hand that’s already up and running. My advice? Say no. It’s okay to say that. You want a chance to feel things out.
You’ve head of the expression: Poker Face. Well, it’s very important that you develop your own if you want to hang in the game longer than a hand or two. When you’re sitting with professional players, it’s as if they can read your mind and see your cards by looking into your eyes. It’s a challenging world indeed.
It’s important to remember table etiquette. Treat your fellow players with respect or the casino can ask you to leave. Leave your phone in your pocket/purse, as they are not allowed at a live gaming table.
And one last thing. If you have to use the restroom, it’s okay to do so. As long as the current game is done or you decided to fold, just be sure to let the dealer know you’ll be back. To rejoin if you take longer than you thought, it’s similar to the start of the game, without the wait.

Money talks.
Remember to smile, have fun, and good luck!

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